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Installation Instructions IMPORTANT: Always test fit part before any prepping, paint work or drilling begins!

Step 1.

Remove the trunk liner if one exists and clean decklid. (See Image A). Place the locator strips into the mounting holes on the spoiler and when applicable. LED brake light hole. Masking tape is used to hold the strips in position.
(See Image B).


Step 2.

Place spoiler on closed deck lid and align to proper position. A measuring tape will ensure a perfect alignment. (See Image C)

Step 3.

Using masking tape. secure locator strips to the deck lid of the vehicle. Remove the spoiler by lifting straight up. Leaving the strips still secured to the deck lid.


Step 4.

Using a 1/8’ drill bit, drill thru the locator strip holes and into the deck lid. (See Image D)

Step 5.

Remove strips and using a 5/16” drill bit or we prefer a unibit, drill thru the 1/8” hole that was just created in Step 4 (See Image E).


Step 6.

If spoiler is equipped with LED brake light, drill that hole also at this time and feed wire thru the decklid. (See Image F).

Step 7.

After deburring all holes, apply small amounts of primer or rust inhibiting fluid to help prevent any rusting. Using supplied screws secure spoiler to the vehicle preferably using a ratchet/nut driver. If using an electric drill set to lowest setting and avoid over-tightening.
(See Image G).


Step 8.

If spoiler is equipped with LED brake light, it is recommended to splice into the 3rd brake light in the vehicle and attach the spoiler wires using electrical tape. (See Image H).

Step 9.

Apply small amounts of silicone based caulk over mounting screws as this will help prevent leaking. rusting or loosening of screws.
(See Image I)


Step 9.

Finish your install by vacuuming any debris or metal shavings, reinstall any mats or panels that may have been removed. (See Image J)