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Installation Instructions:

No Drilling Needed


Step 1. Clean Surface

Clean surface area where spoiler will be applied with Isopropyl Alcohol "Rubbing Alcohol". All wax and residue must be removed before you can install spoiler.


Step 2. Test Fit and Align

  • Place the spoiler on the trunk and align.
  • Then place a 2-inch piece of masking tape every 5-7 inches outlining the spoiler position to be used as a reference.

By doing this you are creating a working template and insuring correct alignment.

Step 3. Peal Backing

Then remove the red plastic from the double-sided tape and lay the spoiler in place using your masking tape reference.

"Avoid touching the exposed tape"

We recommend using an adhesive silicone in strategic locations in conjunction with the Double-Sided tape for best results


Step 4. Installation

Gently press spoiler into place on the deck lid. Once satisfied with placement, firmly press down on spoiler to ensure adhesion along entire vehicle surface. Continue to apply pressure until satisfied.

"We Do Not Wash Car for 24 Hours"